Why We Laugh

We call ourselves a Laughter Club because we laugh a lot, but that’s really a misnomer because what motivates us to meet week after week, year after year, is the wellness and wellbeing laughter helps us to achieve in body, mind and spirit. We do not use jokes or comedy and follow the Laughter Wellness method of intentional laughter exercises.

Did you know?

  • Physical health: Laughter Wellness’ innovative approach unlocks laughter’s known ability to strengthen all immune functions, tone the cardiovascular system, exercise the lungs, decrease pain, diffuse stress, release muscle tension and much more. The results are less sick days, health insurance claims, litigations, absenteeism, presenteeism.
  • Emotional health: Laughter Wellness’ key emphasis on “choosing to laugh” shifts perspectives, breaks the cycle of negativity and improves one’s mood. It helps to find stressful events less disturbing and easier to deal with. The results are more equanimity, mindfulness; Less stress, anxiety, depression.
  • Mental health: Laughter Wellness exercises are designed to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, encouraging clarity and better problem solving ability. The results are a big boost in positive attitude, more creativity, less inhibitions.
  • Social health: Laughter Wellness exercises are designed to connect people, trigger positive feelings and foster an emotional connection, which in turn creates a positive bond with each other. This is team-bonding at its best!
  • Spiritual health: Laughter Wellness exercises aim to develop compassion, altruism, joy, and fulfillment. This leads to more trust, self- confidence, peace of mind, better quality of life.

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